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About Me:

It all began in a cafe. What originally was a fun, creative hobby became a career for me. About eight years ago, my friend, who worked there, convinced me to approach the owners with pieces of my work; my paintings later decorated their shop. Despite the slow start, my business did eventually end up taking off in the local area. At first, I sold my paintings to my friends and family, but as word began to spread, my art did too, from exhibitions in my home town to sculpting for bigger companies from around the region.

My background is unusual: I never went to art school. As a child, doing art was my main pass-time. A simple dream. But, currently I am a full-time artist, doing what I love best. Drawing, painting, sculpting: I have an innate skill for using materials to reflect the world.

My mission: to reach others across the globe, whether it’s to inspire others to create their own work and follow their dreams or if it’s just for my art to decorate your mantelpiece.

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